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About Me


Hi! My name is Jaklina, and I am currently studying a double Bachelor of Business Management and Marketing at Monash University. I am a highly ambitious and creative individual, with the aim of working for a dynamic organisation within the marketing industry once I complete my degree this year.

I have a strong passion for both fashion and design, always looking for an opportunity to apply my passion and creativity to a task. I am a highly ambitious and enthusiastic individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills through my extensive experience in promotional and customer service roles, in addition to my involvement with the student society and the countless university presentations I have executed throughout my degree. I am very organised and devoted, always driven to achieve results; once I set myself a goal or a vision for an assignment or task I embark on, I go above and beyond to ensure I fulfil that vision to my absolute best ability. 

Being raised as an expat child has given me the privilege of having travelled so extensively, allowing me to experience a broad range of cultural backgrounds, leaving me with excellent teamwork and collaboration skills and the ability to effortlessly interact with individuals from any background. I have grown to become easily adaptable to my surroundings, seamlessly forming new friendships and connections in an unfamiliar environment. I have also developed a love for languages, engaging with any opportunity I get to consolidate my Chinese, Dutch and Macedonian.




I had the opportunity to work within a creative marketing communications agency, The Taboo Group, that specialise in non-traditional media and youth culture, providing cutting-edge solutions for some of Australia’s most exciting companies, such as Nike, Sportsgirl, Chupa Chups, Mimco, Little Creatures etc. My role during my time there included undertaking research and delivering findings to the team, taking part in meetings and brainstorm sessions, operating social media platforms on behalf of the clients, as well as contributing ideas and assisting with various assigned tasks and projects, including the Vodka O rebranding launch, Crocs Summer Flips launch and the NAB Midsumma Festival. Having been the first time I was exposed to this industry, I initially found myself deeply outside of my comfort zone finding various tasks relatively challenging, however this allowed me to ultimately thrive and learn a significant amount within an industry where my passion allies. I was able to walk away from my time at Taboo reassured that this was the industry where I would want to end up in, and I look forward to working with a similar company in the future.


My role as Social Coordinator of the Monash Marketing Student Society involved managing, coordinating and hosting some of the largest corporate and social events on campus, regularly taking part in meetings and contributing ideas, corresponding with various parties in the organisation of events, taking responsibility for reaching set targets of ticket sales, and managing social media platforms. I have extensively developed my leadership and teamwork skill-set throughout my time at MMSS, having had to constantly correspond with team members and come to a mutual agreement on various decisions in the organisation of the events.


With all the promotional work I have done for various agencies within Melbourne, I have developed excellent interpersonal and communication skills; the role of a brand ambassador requires a high level of confidence and enthusiasm to ensure delivering a positive customer and client experience. I have also hosted at various events, including the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival in The Birdcage, as well as overseeing various events alongside a supervisor, such as the David Jones Spring Fashion Week. Some of the responsibilities within the promotional roles include communicating with respective clients, promoting new products and brands creating awareness and generating sales opportunities, and consistently exuding enthusiasm and energy.

My Vision


I would ultimately love to work within a highly dynamic and creative organisation, in a role where my passions ally, allowing me to further develop and evolve my current skill-set and expertise in order to advance my marketing career. I find a challenge to be particularly stimulating, thriving off the opportunity to apply my passion and creativity in order to reach an innovative and exciting solution, having a tendency to complete tasks with a unique point of difference. I would therefore want to work for an organisation where I am able to contribute to my full potential, and utilise my creativity and expertise for the good of the company. I feel as though I have a thorough understanding on what motivates the buying behaviour of the younger generations, constantly up-to-date and aware of the popular and happening trends occurring within the nation, which could be a highly applicable and advantageous trait to bring to any company within the marketing world.

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Contact Me

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